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KRU Agro Switzerland AG (KASAG) has been established to supply Switzerland and the EU market hemp biomass/fibers with <0.3% THC, +20% CBD content to be used in the production of CBD and hemp-based products, particularly in the rapidly expanding pharmaceutical, wellness, health & beauty, food & beverage, and industrial sectors for CBD & hemp related products.

Our Companies

The agricultural team within KRU Group is currently managed by highly qualified specialists with experience ranging from 10 to over 30 years in agriculture, agricultural consultancy, international sales, international tax, finance, banking, and blockchain technologies. Representatives in Switzerland, Singapore, Zimbabwe, Thailand, and Indonesia coordinate their work with partners and suppliers to help facilitate bringing KRU Agro products to market. Local market teams include specialists who have developed network of personal contacts in the agricultural and hemp cultivation industry.

Our Story

Experts in high quality hemp genetics, and industrial cultivation of hemp.

KASAG has access to a seed bank with the highest-quality hemp genetics globally (+20% CBD content), an exclusive seed license to grow high-yield hemp varietals in a number of African countries and soon to be Southeast Asia.  We also have expertise and experience in agricultural genomics, commercial agriculture, best farming practices, fertility and seed management, cultivation practices, harvesting practices, product storage, product drying, as well as any other technical expertise needed to successfully cultivate hemp.